Transparency Challenge

Beginning today, we can hold our politicians accountable, and hold ourselves to a higher standard, by requiring full disclosure for all campaign donations.

Beginning today our elected officials and those seeking office need to rise to the Grosso Transparency Challenge.

John A. Wilson Building

“Because corruption in D.C. damages our chances for full voting rights and cheats district residents out of city services paid for by their own tax dollars, we must modernize our laws to keep up with increasing efforts to evade existing campaign-finance limits,” Grosso said. “Just as we need ethics laws with real teeth, we must demand an update to our campaign-finance laws to give them some bite.” He continued, “We must stop the vicious cycle of corruption and back-room deals that subvert our elections.”

Who We Are Challenging

About the Challenge

"I propose a new standard, which I challenge every D.C. Council candidate to follow, and which I will begin to follow immediately."

  • Every donation from a corporation must include a disclosure of the directors and major shareholders of the company, and every donation from an LLC must include disclosure of its managers and members―and those of every parent company, all the way up the chain, including the address of each company, so the public will know what companies support which candidates and with how much money.
  • If a single person bundles contributions from more than one individual or company for delivery to a candidate, the bundler’s name, the amount bundled, and from whom, all must be disclosed.
  • These disclosures, along with the existing disclosures, should be prominently displayed on each candidate's website.

Wilson Building photo credit: Awiseman at en.wikipedia